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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Booby Alert! Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

                          October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  In honor of all those who fight to cure cancer I thought I would share a special cake I made.
   The local hardware store, Ward's Do It Center, asked me to make them some sort of breast cake a couple years ago for an auction they were attending for Breast Cancer Awareness.

This is what I decided on. A torso cake with a pretty pink bra seemed perfect. yet I wanted it to stand out, so i made it stand up! Successfully, I am proud to say, it raised the most money there! I wish I had better pictures of it but maybe someone out there does!

I just pray it didn't go to some creep! HA HA HA!

I figured it was art, and for a good cause, not trashy, so I was cool with making it.  My favorite part is all the detail. The lace, tattoo, flowers, and initials. 

This is also gives me a unique opportunity. a different sort of breast cancer awareness. Prevention. Everyone knows to go get checked, but did you know that breast feeding your baby is a cancer fighter?!  Plus the longer you do,  the better it works, adding more and more benefits for you and your baby. Talk to your doctor about it today.

Pretty fun and an honor to help out such a great cause as Breast Cancer Awareness.
So whatever the saying you want to plug in for you to remember, do so now. Go get your mammograms and your paps, done! Use October as your yearly anniversary to do it. Or give yourself a great birthday present and call your doctor today to set it up for the same week. Pretty much all doctors book in advance. So don't use any excuses. Call today!

Have you ever made a dessert for an auction? Have you ever had a cake auction?

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