When I started making special cakes for my children's birthdays, I never knew it would lead me here. Covered in powdered sugar, fingernails dyed with food coloring, and running to weddings and birthday parties. Follow me here where all my Frosted Fantasies are on display to browse. Feel free to search and find your favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Blocks Cake

Here is the first cake I made for a baby shower. I absolutely love how it turned out!
It is very easy to personalize. For example, the letters on the blocks are from the parents' names. This would be a super fun cake to use as the announcement on the sex of your baby. You could use all sorts of colors to keep everyone guessing. Then when you cut into the cake, it would be blue or pink to show what your bundle of joy will be! 
Being 8 months nearly pregnant, has me thinking about what cake I am going to make for my shower next week. I wish I had the ability to keep a secret. Maybe I could have done a baby sex announcement cake.  But, ya,  I am not very good at keep my excitement. It is super uper duper hard! I would be better to hire a baker and have the doctor just tell them!  Could you do it? 

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Firetruck for Buck

This is Buck's truck...

This is Buck's truck on cake.

Any questions?!



Little fire helmets.

Yummy cookies for the wheels.

If you can even see the original picture of this classic fire truck, you can appreciate the work it took to get this done.That dark tiny thing was on my phone and it was the only pic I had to go off of. Again, this is for my favorite customer, a fellow fire fighter named Buck. The inside was chocolate and strawberry with chocolate ganache, then sculpted in fondant.
This was my first fire engine cake I had made so it was pretty nerve racking. Anything for our firefighters though! Thank you to all who serve! This one's for you!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Striped Wedding Cake

These flowers took me over ten hours to make out of fondant. The bride showed me a picture of the flowers she was carrying in her bouquet. Then a picture of a striped topsy turvy cake. This was only my second topsy turvy and my first wedding. I was terrified but determined, ya know. The pressure was on!

I am very proud of how it turned out. The final touch of edible sparkles really made it, well, shine. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Cake

"Move... your... hips.... from side to side! Come on all , it's time to do... the Mario!  Just take one step, and then again...  Come on all, it's time! Do the Mario!!! All together now! Just like thaaaat!" 

Do these lyrics sound familiar to anyone else? Or am I the only 80's child out there? Well go Netflix it, because my kids are obsessed with the Mario Show. I totally remember singing this with my brother and sister after school. Now my boys do. 

 Logically my second son had to pick a harder, more elaborate cake after my other son's choice from the last couple years. While my oldest chose a chameleon cake with cupcakes and then a Sponge Bob this year, my second's choice of Elliot Moose was now considered "baby cake". Therefor a big boy cake would compose of Super Mario and Luigi, and Yoshi.
Well, it was super fun to make. My kids kept adding little things to the requested design. Mom, you can't forget the pipes, and a coin. Oh! And you have to put one of the brown guys.... and a piranha plant! You have a piranha plant!

So, what do you think? Does it make you wanna break out your Nintendo, put the game in, take it back out, blow in the game counsel, then in the game itself, put it back it, put a little piece of cardboard to hold it down in the counsel so it will read it, then close the lid, (or you would if it hadn't broke off in the first few months), then sit back and play Super Mario?? Yes!
My second, proud of his choice in cake!  Rock on dude! Happy 4th birthday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tiered Rose Wedding Cake

My tiered rose wedding cake was one of the biggest honors ever! To make the wedding cake for two of the people I love from the bottom of my heart. To see them meet, grow, and change for each other. Than to finally see the people they were meant to be, once they found and completed each other.

 The bridesmaid's flowers were all hand made by the bride, out of died tissue paper. So I tried to match the fondant roses I was making to the sort of coral, to pink, to orange color she had . It turned out gorgeous!
We partied like it was 1999. Even though they probably have no idea what that song even is. LOL!~

 Makes me want to have a wedding and a cake all over again!
Love you Wendy Star!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh Gnomeo! Where For Art Though Gnomeo?

One of the cutest cakes I have ever had the pleasure of making has been this adorable gnome cake. One of my best customers, one who comes each year for their birthdays, and has a super fun idea, and also lets me run with it. 

He had a cute little crushed Oreo dirt garden, complete with toadstools made with vanilla wafers.
His little suspenders were so adorable.

I love his little gnome cake ears!

He was ready to go to work with his little rake.

He looks like he is going to wink at me any second!

The perfect cake for any gnome fan.