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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Cake

"Move... your... hips.... from side to side! Come on all , it's time to do... the Mario!  Just take one step, and then again...  Come on all, it's time! Do the Mario!!! All together now! Just like thaaaat!" 

Do these lyrics sound familiar to anyone else? Or am I the only 80's child out there? Well go Netflix it, because my kids are obsessed with the Mario Show. I totally remember singing this with my brother and sister after school. Now my boys do. 

 Logically my second son had to pick a harder, more elaborate cake after my other son's choice from the last couple years. While my oldest chose a chameleon cake with cupcakes and then a Sponge Bob this year, my second's choice of Elliot Moose was now considered "baby cake". Therefor a big boy cake would compose of Super Mario and Luigi, and Yoshi.
Well, it was super fun to make. My kids kept adding little things to the requested design. Mom, you can't forget the pipes, and a coin. Oh! And you have to put one of the brown guys.... and a piranha plant! You have a piranha plant!

So, what do you think? Does it make you wanna break out your Nintendo, put the game in, take it back out, blow in the game counsel, then in the game itself, put it back it, put a little piece of cardboard to hold it down in the counsel so it will read it, then close the lid, (or you would if it hadn't broke off in the first few months), then sit back and play Super Mario?? Yes!
My second, proud of his choice in cake!  Rock on dude! Happy 4th birthday!

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