When I started making special cakes for my children's birthdays, I never knew it would lead me here. Covered in powdered sugar, fingernails dyed with food coloring, and running to weddings and birthday parties. Follow me here where all my Frosted Fantasies are on display to browse. Feel free to search and find your favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Blocks Cake

Here is the first cake I made for a baby shower. I absolutely love how it turned out!
It is very easy to personalize. For example, the letters on the blocks are from the parents' names. This would be a super fun cake to use as the announcement on the sex of your baby. You could use all sorts of colors to keep everyone guessing. Then when you cut into the cake, it would be blue or pink to show what your bundle of joy will be! 
Being 8 months nearly pregnant, has me thinking about what cake I am going to make for my shower next week. I wish I had the ability to keep a secret. Maybe I could have done a baby sex announcement cake.  But, ya,  I am not very good at keep my excitement. It is super uper duper hard! I would be better to hire a baker and have the doctor just tell them!  Could you do it? 

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