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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ba Gok Says the Snowboarding Chicken

Ah, the chicken snowboarding cake!! During that whole swine
flu thing a couple of years ago, my dear friend's little sister got a dose of it. Sadly she had to miss
Halloween. She was pretty bummed about not being able to wear her chicken suit. So what do you do in Michigan when that happens?

You save it for snow to ski in, of course!
So logically, when they needed a birthday cake shortly after, they requested one to remember that day by. Super fun and a pleasure to make.

Each figure is based on a family and their skiing outfit.
 The skis, poles, and snowboards are all made of melted dark chocolate. Um, yum!? The pine trees are made of butter cream frosting using a special tip.  The whole thing is covered in fondant as well as the figures being sculpted from it.

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