When I started making special cakes for my children's birthdays, I never knew it would lead me here. Covered in powdered sugar, fingernails dyed with food coloring, and running to weddings and birthday parties. Follow me here where all my Frosted Fantasies are on display to browse. Feel free to search and find your favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Tasting For Your Bridal Pleasure

Whenever I have several wedding cakes to make in a short period of time,
I have a bridal tasting party. Brides love it. Any chance to talk about weddings with other soon to be brides, is always a great time. 
Here we have five of my favorite and most popular flavors.

A refreshing and light key lime cake.
Perfect for a spring wedding.
Fresh and tasty with a hint of lime butter cream frosting and a sugared lime test to top it off.

                             For my chocolate lovers, my strawberry and dark chocolate ganache layered in between the best chocolate cake you have ever had. Topped with butter cream and whipped dark chocolate ganache, it is fabulous!

This darling is my favorite in the fall season. A delicious caramel vanilla cake, layered with real apples, and caramel frosting. It tastes just like caramel apples! Covered in rich butter cream and topped off with more caramel frosting. So good!

For my white chocolate lovers, this one's for you! I used to be allergic to regular chocolate, leaving me the only kid in the school to get a white chocolate bunny in my Easter basket. Now, I actually really like it, though I did rebel against it for years,  vowing never to eat it as a substitute again. This white cake is a refreshing change. I love putting raspberries in the middle coated with a layer of white chocolate ganache. Then I smothered and dripped the ganache over the butter cream and down the sides. So pretty!

  This could be one of my all time favorite flavors
in everything, the turtle. It is made with a caramel cake, caramel frosting in the center, a toasted caramel pecan crusted layer in the middle, dark chocolate ganache hardened on the outside. Topped with some more pecans and a dollop of caramel frosting. Drool!!

 So, if it were you, stepping out in white and frill, which would you choose!?

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