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Monday, March 26, 2012

Winter Wedding Cake

  A wedding cake has got to be one of the coolest things to make. It is such a special feeling, to be a part of some one's magical day. When I make them I feel hugely responsible for going beyond what the couple expects. I want to take their breathe away when they see it for the firs time. Or laugh, depending on what kind of wedding it is. Each bride is different. That is why it is imperative to get to know them and their wants. To hear their dreams and mold it into cake!

  This winter wedding was very elegant. Their were tall feathers and sparkling branches beautiful vases for the center pieces. The blushing bride even wore gorgeous white feathered earrings. It was all very dreamy, and romantic, yet classy at the same time. I wanted that feeling of being in love and this sort of blurred- around- the- edges- dream feel into the cake. The couple asked for something to reflect the decor of a white, nature inspired, winter feathery wonderland.
 Thrilled, my brain started on the project. The first thing I thought of was to make cake pop doves or some kind of bird dipped in white chocolate. . Also, to space out the cakes for space to put real feathers. It would be covered in fondant so they wouldn't stick. Plus to wrap it all together a climbing branch. The snowflakes are also made of melted white chocolate.  So, what do you think? It was such an honor to make and a ton of fun as well. Wedding cakes are the best!

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